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  Even The Crazy Man Wept: Best Seller

Written by Transform Healthcare Cambodia founder Dr Edwin Pugh, Even The Crazy Man Wept challenges the reader to see, in response to the genocide in Cambodia and its aftermath, compassion, sadness, love and righteous anger expressed by a remarkable man who shared his life with the poor during this time.

The events and names in this book are real. For over 30 years Bob, a Jesuit Brother, has committed his life to living among the poor of Cambodia. He has been with them during their plight as refugees in camps on the Thai - Cambodian border. He has lived and 'walked' with them on the fearful return into their war-ravaged homeland. He has seen and experienced 'first-hand' the effect the war - and 'peace'- has had on them. He is with them now. Bob wrote down these experiences. He wrote down his inner soul-searching response to the inhumanity of war and its consequences to individual lives.

Even The Crazy Man Wept is a compilation of Bob's writings. They are unique. They are personal. They are deeply challenging. Many are an uncensored cry from the heart; anguish from a spiritual man seeking to challenge the evil of war and bring love and peace to mankind. Finally, in respect to Bob it needs to be stated that this book is not about him! That would be the last thing he would want or agree to. Instead the book is about situations in the world that should not be tolerated. It is hoped these personal tales and reflections can inspire the reader, whoever you may be, to be a peacemaker.

We cannot be 'Bob' but we can learn from his selfless service of love to others. It's a remarkable lesson - a lesson for today.

Purchase the book for the amazing price of 99p. All proceeds go to Transform Healthcare Cambodia